Technique of painting portraits

Sometimes, when people are on holiday, they meet in the tourist community of the artists who are inside the streets painting portraits. This type of portrait does not appear too much time, so the tourists are willing to make that choice. He is the souvenir of the trip. A little different than a souvenir photo taken with a digital camera. Time it takes to paint a portrait is determined not only through the portraist’s ability but also from the technique he makes a portrait.

Normally, in order to go more quickly, he paints portraits together with pencil. He sketches these. Pencil portrait also costs less than a portrait, which is done with paint. In his case, the requirement and more time and cost are the materials that are used to prepare it. Many portraits who function in the streets have just pencils on hand, because they can perform more portraits at the same time. Some of them offer their clients any charcoal portrait as well, as it is created as long as the symbol is drawn with a pen. In many cases portraits painted by such street artists are usually faithful to the people who posed them. Sometimes these are caricatures, in which the characteristic of the look which is most characteristic for a person is revealed. And such a caricature can be a fantastic holiday memorabilia. You just have to length yourself not to offend the actual cartoonist because he presented us in such a way and not another way. Not everyone can do it.

See: portrait made to order.


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